Fleet Command's Enigma Ship - The Star Voyager Series - Vol. 1A John B. Bolton Author
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Fleet Command's Enigma Ship, volume 1 in The Star Voyager Series lays the foundation for the series by describing each main character in detail. You'll learn exactly who each one is, his or her job title and passions, and how each copes with life. You also get to learn about new technologies the Alliance of Planets has developed and how each is used. Is it used for defending their space or for going into deep space to conquer new planets and subjugate the beings who live there? Is the Alliance of Planets good or are they only in league with one another to conquer the universe? In any case the action is constant and at times very intense, but at the same time there are moments where passion and humor take control. After all, its life aboard a space ship, where males and females live and work in close quarters; anything can happen!


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