One Wife's Solution (Jenny and John Series) Book 7: Matryoshka Chas Scott Author
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Jenny is now sure her sissy husband is completely pliant to her will and moves forward quickly with her other plans. Abi wants her assistance in subjugating her husband Richard - how will sissy and Richard react when they were finally introduced to each other in their new roles? She needed to deal with Steve for trying to cheat on her with Abi and he will not like what she has planned for him. Zoe has her particular, peculiar, needs too, but if there was one thing the last couple of months had taught her, it was that people had all kinds of kinky lusts that they needed to fulfil, even though to others they might seem strange indeed. All this was before Jenny could move forward with her own needs, which seemed to keep getting side-tracked as new and intriguingly humiliating possibilities with John and others opened up. On top of this she now had to fend off her boss, Mr Jackson’s, amorous and lustful advances as he saw an opportunity to apply a bit of leverage to get her into bed with him.


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