Malice From Nowhere - The Star Voyager Series - Volume 6 John B. Bolton Author
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Captain JT Buckton and his warship Pegasus are involved in an exciting multi-phase adventure. They discover an Alliance of Planets cargo ship that has mysteriously been destroyed and during their search of the ship they find only 3 survivors. JT puts LtCmdr Omo Assawatu and his engineering skills to work solving the puzzle of how the ship was destroyed. However, before they've finished with this mystery, Pegasus and crew are sent to assist the Anurans, a powerful enemy empire, who unexpectedly show up on the Alliance's doorstep seeking assistance. It seems they're in a fight for survival with another empire. The enemy just happen to be the same empire that kidnapped JT, Kate and Sentalia Buce, the Ambassador to Auguston, a couple years earlier. For JT there's no love lost on these beings and he aims to settle the score. Will his emotions overwhelm him or will he be able to control them? Can the Anurans be trusted, or is this a trap and will they turn on the alliance?


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