The Vampire's Screech: Alaric's Becoming Jerry Lewis Author
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Sensation and muse substitute for life in the night after night of the undying vampire Genest. The stillness of a long seventy-five year hiatus inside a crypt hardly differs from the time he spent wandering, feeding, and observing. Then a crazy Mayan villager wakes Genest. Why Genest consults his friend, Pescheur, who was made at the age of sixty, twenty-five millennia ago. Pescheur maintains a simple routine and never rests, and the combination of immense power and his refusal to close his eyes for even a mere decade, makes him irritable. Marie, the mortal seer, old now, can only offer an opaque vision, an enigmatic clue, her powers muted not by age, but by something else. And then there is Dr. Gilbert Gaumont, a psychologist living and working in Hollywood who seeks a method for him to make a difference in the world. Gilbert has no idea how come the strange Genest sits in his office, and not a hint as to what's to happen.


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