What Is God's Last Name: Ten Questions to Help You Contemplate the Purpose and Relevance of Religious Institutions Aiden Roberts Author
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This book centers around ten questions pertaining to my spirituality that I often ask myself-questions of reflection and contemplation. The overall theme of the book examines the role that organized religion plays in this world and how we interact with it. By organized religion, I am referring to the various laws, regulations, edicts, etc., unique to each religion. I hope this book will help readers recognize that a rigid structure of infallible laws cannot bring us to the same level of spiritual enlightenment as inner reflection and outward benevolence. I will not attempt to convince you to adopt my beliefs as your own (I am not trying to convert everyone to my own religion of Christianity). Rather, I hope to encourage you to realize that the different beliefs we hold are from the same source-they are neither correct nor wrong. We are all spiritually equal, and sharing this realization is my hope for this book.


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