Salem and the Sphinx: The Beginning Jonathan Burton Peters Jr Author
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In the world of magic a young boy named Salem finds himself bonded up with a non-evil sphinx named Medea. Together they must fight off the powers of evil for the hope of saving the world. They must battle evil countries seeking to shroud the world in darkness. And fight dark wizards, as well as other threats to foil their plans. While traveling together and getting to care for each other dearly. Salem And The Sphinx is a fantasy novel set in the years 1889 and 1590. It's the first book where a sphinx is used as a non-evil character. The boy, Salem's guardian, and greatest ally, Medea. She is a giant sphinx, 11 feet tall and 20 feet long. With the head of a ram, wings, and body of a lion. This is the first book where a human, boy warrior character actually rides on the back of a real sphinx, while flying as well. This book is set in all first person view, so the reader may feel like they are the character living the amazing events.


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