Jinny Versus the Darkthings: Volume I: Book One & Book Two - Jinny Vs. the Grimms and Jinny Vs. the Nephalores N. Holbrook Author
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Jinny King doesn't know about magic. Jinny King doesn't know about Darkthings. She doesn't know that her life is in danger. She doesn't know that the entire existence of the world rests on her shoulders. Jinny King doesn't know just how far the darkness is willing to go to bring down magic or how it wants to tear apart the veil that separates the world of light from the world of dark. How much it wants to feast on the suffering of humanity and how many macabre and grotesque creatures exist on the other side, waiting, waiting, waiting to be set free. Jinny King is about to be thrust into the middle of a war that has been waging since the beginning of time, since the beginning of light, and the beignning of dark. Jinny king is going to know... She is going to know about her predicament, about her sordid family history, about the awful, ghastly, ghoulish creatures that have come to hunt her down, to kill her and set the darkness free. The Darkthings are coming...


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