Mastering the Dialogue of Self-Creation: How to Talk Your Way to a Better You Peggy Catron Author
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In Mastering the Dialogue of Self-Creation, the author takes us on a journey through the landscape of the self. Who are we talking to when we talk to ourselves Does the language we use affect how we experience the world How does our past create the present Can we change the mind maps that were created in chilhood, and if so, how do we do that Are we just victims of our experiences, or can we actively change our memories, our reaction patterns, and the very fabric of our reality These and other such questions are examined by the author, and the answer that emerges is a resounding YES! We can consciously choose the kind of experiences we have in the world. Through self-reflection, mindful attention, and the power of intention we can become co-creators of ourselves, our relationships, and our reality.


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