The Art and Practice of True Wellness: Lessons for Body, Mind and Spirit that Create a Lasting and Meaningful Sense of Well-Being Corinne S. Ramage Au
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This book takes readers on a direct journey into the Heart of a true and lasting sense of well-being through 103 targeted lessons and a section called 'Basic Support Materials' - all intended to create a new relationship to spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being. The book contains work that challenges your left brain which loves logical explanations, as well as, your right brain which is abstract and concept-driven and can delve into topics such as Surrender, Hope, Trust and unconditional Love. It is only in this total right and left brain approach to wellness, that it can be found. One the best aspects of the book is that the completely original theories of wellness walk the reader down the Path to True Wellness at exactly the pace that best meets their needs.


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