King of the Dancehall: A Novel by Nick Cannon
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From Nick Cannon comes King of the Dancehall, an exhilarating coming of age and tumultuous love story of Tarzan Brixton that spans from the projects of Brooklyn to the shores of Jamaica.After being released from a 5 year prison sentence for an armed robbery gone sideways, Tarzan makes a vow to his dying mother to change his ways. With his mother's medical bills piling up, the temptation of the criminal life becomes too real once again. His solution is to escape the rough streets of New York for the equally ruthless beaches of Kingston, Jamaica. Tarzan soon creates a drug running empire while falling in love with a beautiful Jamaican woman named Maya. It's through Maya that he becomes captivated by the music, dance, and lifestyle of Jamaican Dancehall culture, which ultimately lifts him towards the path of righteousness. Other Barnes & Noble Product pool



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