Three Californias - by Kim Stanley Robinson (Paperback)
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"About the Book ""Before Kim Stanley Robinson published the international bestsellers Red Mars, Green Mars, and Blue Mars, he made his reputation as one of SF's most trenchant thinkers with his Three Californias trilogy: three science fiction novels set in three different possible futures of Orange County, California. The Wild Shore is post-apocalyptic; The Gold Coast is manic if-this-goes-on future reminiscent of the work of Philip K. Dick; and Pacific Edge is a visionary green utopia.""-- Book Synopsis From the internationally bestselling author of the Mars Trilogy and New York 2140 Before Kim Stanley Robinson terraformed Mars, he wrote three science fiction novels set in Orange County, California, where he grew up. These alternate futures--one a post-apocalypse, one an if-this-goes-on future reminiscent of Philip K. Dick, and one an ecological utopia--form a whole that illuminates, enchants, and inspires--collected here as Three Californias. What if... there was a limited nuclear war that left the United States blockaded, fragmented, the few survivors living in the ruins of a once-great nation? What if... this goes on, and technology continues to accelerate, and power continues to be consolidated into corporate culture, a developer's dream world gone mad: an endless sprawl of condos, freeways, and malls, and designer drugs? What if... a revolution happens, and the US addresses climate change in a responsible way. Is a future green Utopia all that great when you're young and in love? This Tor Essentials edition of Three Californias includes an introduction by Francis Spufford, bestselling author of Golden Hill and Red Plenty. ""[Robinson] invites us to share his characters' intensely personal, intensely local attachment to what they have. The result may shame you into entertaining new hope for the future."" --The New York Times on Pacific Edge Review Quotes The Wild Shore ""There's a fresh wind blowing in The Wild Shore. Welcome, Kim Stanley Robinson."" --Ursula K. Le Guin ""Part Huck Finn and part Our Town, Robinson's first novel is a well-written, engaging rite of passage..."" --Publishers Weekly ""Captivating and unflaggingly readable...""--Washington Post Book World ""This rich fable is warm but excoriatingly honest and connects with the vulnerable cynicism so many of us feel about our political lives...It offers us something more precious even than gold: pride in being an American.""--Philadelphia Inquirer The Gold Coast In this novel, Kim Stanley Robinson illuminates the selfishness and folly of the twenty-first century better than anyone actually living in the twenty first century is ever likely to.""--Gene Wolfe ""It is a rich, brave book.""--John Clute, The Washington Post Book World ""What a bold, manic, wonderful book this is!""--Los Angeles Times ""Like light focused into a coherent beam, The Gold Coast brilliantly illuminates the craziness of technology out of control.""--Interzone ""Readers who seldom touch science fiction will enjoy it and certainly not find it disorienting.""--The Philadelphia Inquirer Pacific Edge ""An outstanding achievement.""--Publishers Weekly ""Pacific Edge...will definitely keep your attention from page one to grand finale.""--The Houston Post ""[Robinson] invites us to share his characters' intensely personal, intensely local attachment to what they have. The result is a bittersweet utopia that may shame you into entertaining new hope for the future.""--The New York Times Book Review ""Utterly convincing. There are no false notes.""--The Washington Post Book World About the Author KIM STANLEY ROBINSON is the author of more than 20 books, including the international bestselling Mars trilogy: Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars, and more recently Red Moon, New York 2140, and 2312. In 2008 he was named a ""Hero of the Environment"" by Time magazine. He has won the Hugo, Nebula, Locus, and World Fantasy awards. In 2016 he received the Heinlein Award for lifetime achievement in science fiction. In 2017 he was given the Arthur C. Clarke Award for Imagination in Service to Society."



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