An Introduction to Behavioral Economics Nick Wilkinson Author
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The third edition of this successful textbook is a comprehensive, rigorous survey of the major topics in the field of behavioral economics. Building on the strengths of the second edition, it offers an up-to-date and critical examination of the latest literature, research, developments and debates in the field. Offering an inter-disciplinary approach, the authors incorporate psychology, evolutionary biology and neuroscience into the discussions. And, ultimately, they consider what it means to be 'rational', why we so often indulge in 'irrational' and self-harming behavior, and also why 'irrational' behavior can sometimes serve us well.A perfect book for economics students studying behavioural economics at higher undergraduate level or Master's level.This new edition features:- Extended material on heuristics and biases, and new material on neuroeconomics and its applications- A wealth of new topical case studies, such as voting behavior in Brexit and the Trump election and the current obesity epidemic- More examples and review questions to help cement understanding


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