Linkedin for Dummies - 6th Edition by Joel Elad (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis Brand yourself like a pro on LinkedIn LinkedIn multiplies what you know by the power of who you know to deliver the number one social platform for business professionals and new job seekers. LinkedIn For Dummies shows LinkedIn newcomers the best ways to discover new opportunities, enhance their personal brand, network with other professionals, and give an exponential boost to their career. Consider this book a passport to help you connect more successfully with many of LinkedIn's 660+ million members in over 200 countries, as well as an expert guide to the platform's tools and features and the proven tactics that get you noticed. In this friendly, all-access introduction to the LinkedIn scene, entrepreneurship guru Joel Elad clues you in on the essentials. Get the latest insight on how to create an attractive profile that will make employers give you a second glance as well as techniques for making useful connections across the globe. In no time at all you'll also be right at home with the profile user interface and getting busy with adding content, searching for career opportunities, and, if you're looking to hire for your company, recruiting top candidates. Build your personal brand and market it Sell yourself by highlighting skills, awards, and endorsements Get connected with LinkedIn groups Manage and make introductions via InMail Relationships matter: LinkedIn For Dummies gives you the online social skills to turn six degrees of separation into the colleagues, mentors, and friends who will transform your career--and your life. From the Back Cover Build your brand and boost your career LinkedIn is the number-one social platform for established professionals and newcomers to the job market who want to network, build their personal brand, and explore career opportunities. This fun and easy resource shows you how to take full advantage of all the latest tools, features, and information on LinkedIn. You'll get tips on creating a profile that can't be ignored, learn new techniques for selling your skills, become a master at marketing yourself, and discover the leaders whom you should be following. Build your network, build your brand, and build your future! Inside . . . Establish a profile Request recommendations Make introductions via InMail (R) Add skills, awards, and endorsements to your profile Follow industry leaders Make connections via groups Effectively market yourself About the Author Joel Elad is a social networking, Internet, and ecommerce guru with a software development background and a yearning for entrepreneurship. He is the author or coauthor of several books, including Facebook Advertising For Dummies and Starting an Online Business All-in-One For Dummies as well as previous editions of LinkedIn For Dummies .



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