Managing Anxiety with Mindfulness for Dummies - by Joelle Jane Marshall (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis Don't panic! Managing Anxiety with Mindfulness For Dummies is a practical guide to overcoming your worries and minimising anxiety using mindfulness techniques. The National Health Service and the National Institute for Care and Excellence rmend mindfulness as a legitimate treatment for anxiety, and its also been proven to alleviate stress, depression, low self-esteem, and insomnia. This book explains the benefits of mindfulness, and how it can help you face your fears and defeat persistent, irrational worries. Learn how to break the anxiety cycle with an optimistic approach, live in the present moment, and manage your thoughts using the fundamental techniques of mindfulness therapy. This friendly guide will accompany you every step of the way as you understand your anxiety, identify solutions to your problem, maintain your gains, and avoid relapse. Over three million people in the UK suffer from Generalised Anxiety Disorder, with millions more experiencing phobias, OCD, and panic disorders. Anxiety is potentially debilitating, but many people are daunted by navigating the health system and thus fail to seek treatment. This book provides a way for you to begin managing your symptoms at home, using simple techniques that can help change the way you think, feel, and act. Understand what anxiety is, and the common causes Employ mindful self-compassion to alleviate symptoms Discover mindful attitudes and practise mindful mediation Transform unhealthy habits into anxiety-busting self-care Mindfulness can help you break free of the downward spiral of negative thought and action, and make positive choices that support your wellbeing. If you're tired of being anxious and long for a brighter outlook, Managing Anxiety with Mindfulness For Dummies provides a wide range of effective techniques to help you enjoy a calmer and happier life. From the Back Cover Learn to: Discover mindful attitudes toward anxiety Use mindful self-compassion and kindness for anxiety Practise mindfulness meditations for anxiety Transform unhealthy habits into healthy ones to help combat anxiety Take a deep breath--and get your life back There's no time like the present to break free of the downward spiral of negative thoughts and actions that feed anxiety--and this guide shows you how. Inside, you'll find sensitive and authoritative guidance on overcoming your worries and minimising anxiety. These proven mindfulness techniques can help you face your fears, defeat persistent, irrational worries and finally slay the anxiety beast. The monkey mind -- get familiar with the fight-or-flight response and understand anxiety's effect on your physical and mental well-being Manage your thoughts mindfully -- get to know the benefits of mindfulness and use it to manage your anxiety One day at a time -- engage in daily mindfulness meditations to deal with difficult situations, cultivate positive relationships, change unhealthy habits and combat anxiety It starts within -- use mindfulness to change your attitude toward anxiety and regain control of your life Open the book and find: Common causes of anxiety The many benefits of mindfulness Breathing exercises and meditations How keeping a journal can strengthen your mindfulness practice Why you should cut down on stimulants The importance of practising present moment awareness Ten simple mindfulness exercises for managing anxiety About the Author Joelle Jane Marshall is a freelance speaker and mindfulness coach who works closely with fellow Mindfulness For Dummies coauthor Shamash Alidina on workshops for 'Mindfulness and Overcoming Fear'. She trained in mindfulness with Shamash and meditates and practices yoga regularly.



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