Volunteer Selection, Screening and Placement Procedures: 66 Tips and Actions You can Take to Ensure the Best Volunteer Fit Scott C. Stevenson Editor
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Nonprofit organizations often struggle with selecting and screening volunteers and placing them in the best possible positions. This practical resource, originally published by Stevenson, Inc., provides actionable tips and techniques to improve volunteer selection, screening, and placement.  The articles in this resource cover useful topics such as: recruitment procedures aimed at filling key volunteer positions, techniques for screening volunteers in advance, interviewing procedures, tips for checking references, how to conduct thorough background checks, how to decline a volunteer appointment with tact, advice on clarifying volunteer tasks before assigning them, steps for conducting volunteer evaluations. Other topics include: Background check rejection follow-up Defining volunteer roles Conducting the right check for the right position Matching tools Conducting volunteer interviews Effective task delegation Staff preparation Consultant programs Training and supervision Agreements and policies Special skills volunteers Evaluation and assessment Placement questionnaires Volunteer satisfaction Advocacy volunteers Codes of conduct Constituent safety Please note that some content featured in the original version of this title has been removed in this published version due to permissions issues.


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