SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard for Dummies by Radana Dvorak
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The easy-to-use guide to SMART Board(R) interactive whiteboards SMART Board interactive whiteboards--which combine the functionality of a computer with the simplicity of a whiteboard--are rapidly becoming fixtures in classrooms, boardrooms, and lecture halls everywhere. While these high tech devices are transforming the ways we teach and learn, getting the most out of them can be down right intimidating. "SMART Board(R) Interactive Whiteboard For Dummies" is here to help, explaining everything users need to know to make the most of their technology. Covering topics including how to calibrate a SMART Board interactive whiteboard using a computer, navigating software options, creating interactive presentations and lesson plans, incorporating sound and animation, managing content, and using digital ink with the touch of a finger, the book is designed to get your interactive whiteboard up and running in no time.Introduces and explains SMART Board interactive whiteboards, computer-based white boards that are becoming widespread in classrooms and boardrooms around the worldCovers essential topics ranging from setting up a SMART Board interactive whiteboards to managing contentProvides the tools SMART Board interactive whiteboard users need to make the most of these new devices The go-to guide for anyone working with SMART Board interactive whiteboards, "SMART(R) Board Interactive Whiteboard For Dummies" is designed to make using the chalkboards of the twenty-first century a cinch.


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