The Cat Training Guide: Teaching You How to Train and Discipline a Cat Plus Cat Collars, Behaviour, Spraying, Tricks, Carriers, Grooming and Toilet Tr
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Training your cat can be fun and a rewarding experience. What type of cat is trainable? What breed etc.? Everything you need to know to train your cat is included in this special book: • Cat Door Training • Cat Training Supplies • Cat Training with a Clicker • Cats Training On Extreme Meowing • Feeding and Training a Cat • House Train Your Cat • Cat Toilet Training • Cat Training Collar • Train a Cat to Listen • Train a Kitten for Playing • Train Your Cat For Behavior Problems • Train Your Cat for Vacations • Train Your Cat to Be Groomed • Training a Cat around the Plants • Training a Cat Not To Chew On Dangerous Objects • Training a Cat Not To Spray • Training a Cat to Do Tricks • Training the Cat to Scratch on a Scratching Post • Training Your Cat Not To Scratch Furniture • Training Your Cat to Be Transported In a Pet Carrier • Training Your Hyperactive Cat I leave absolutely nothing out! Get your copy now.


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