What Do We See, When We Look Into the Poor Reflection? Ken Kapreilian Author
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Newly revised for 2019 with several new chapters added. Ken's insights, beliefs and observations dealing with this very interesting topic are quite informative. Therefore, giving you a better understanding of what can occur when you read and study the Bible. With this enhanced understanding, you will come to know that the Bible is also the history of the Creation of the Universe. Therefore, as we seek to understand God and the Universe, by extension we will obtain a better understanding of ourselves in relationship to God. How can this be true? Because our present and future understanding of ourselves is directly related to what we believe. This belief is derived from how we understand the past. So then, by reading this book, you will be empowered to understand; What Do You See, When You Look Into the Poor Reflection? Comments from readers: This book is Outstanding!!. Very interesting. Very fascinating.. M.H. ******************** * LULU Staff Pick * ********************


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