Shenanigans & Skullduggery - The Star Voyager Series - Vol. 7 John B. Bolton Author
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In this fast-paced action novel, Capt. Buckton, his crew and warship Pegasus are sent on a daring adventure to Draakus. The Fleet Intelligence Bureau has amassed numerous reports indicating the Draakens are building a new super ship; a ship reportedly more powerful than the alliance's DSC ships. That greatly troubles headquarters, so Pegasus and crew are sent to investigate. The stakes are so high the head of the Fleet Intelligence Bureau comes aboard Pegasus to hold a private meeting with JT and his staff officers. RAdm Amdon informs JT, in the espionage world casualties are not just expected, they are a reality. Of course that upsets JT and right in front of his staff he goes toe-to-toe with the rear admiral about this mission. JT is upset because he considers this mission a folly; mostly because of all the previous bad reports and snafus fleet intelligence has caused. Coupled with the attempt to confirm the Draakan intel, fleet headquarters has to deal with more shenanigans from the Polnons!


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