The Hijacked Heart: The Soul's yearning for genuine love and connection Linda Hicks Author
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The Hijacked Heart has been a lifetime in coming. It contains the stories of clients as well as the author. All do not come into this world with equal opportunity. Many suffer abuse at the hands of those who should have been protecting them. Those who were hurt by others and so hurt someone. Children are victims because of their nature of vulnerability and susceptibility. Early conditioning to accept abuse as normal continues until a person decides it is no longer acceptable. Unfortunately in many cases these conditions opinions go well in to adulthood and possible for the entire life of a person. Just as dysfunction is taught by unspoken messages so does the individual need positive reinforcement and encouragement. People hurt us and it takes people to lead us to genuine love and connection. The twelve step programs offer such connection with great success. The stories in Hijacked Heart offer real life experiences of real people who have been through the process of change which is required to have a new life. AA states nothing changes if nothing changes, and the only person you can change it you! The process in Hijacked Heart is creative, unique to the person and offers the reader some strategies to help. There is truly a way to have the life you were created to have, the person you were supposed to be. There is a saying in Buddhism ( I am not a Buddhist but like this saying), when the student is ready the teacher appears. I hope that this is your season to find Genuine Love and Connection.


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