The FinancialVerse - Today's Annuity Products: A Tool To Create Protected Lifetime Income Harry Stout Author
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Today's Annuity Products was written in an easy to understand style to educate the individual researching annuity products for use in their financial affairs. The book gives the reader all information necessary to understand annuity products and to prepare themselves to meet with a financial professional to investigate their purchase. The book takes the reader on a complete journey through the world of annuity products including: Chapter 1 – What Are Annuities and How Do They Work?  What Are Annuities?  Key Characteristics  Brief History of Annuities  The Key Phases of An Annuity  Understanding the Basic Building Blocks  Overview of the Business of Annuities  How Annuity Companies Are Regulated  Summary Chapter 2 – The Core Benefits of Annuities  Introduction  Unlimited Contributions for Non-Qualified Annuities  Tax Deferral  Principal Protection  Ability to Be Swapped Tax Free  Probate Avoidance  Access to Cash When Needed  Offset to Longevity Risk  Guaranteed Protected Income  Death Benefits  Nursing Home, Long-Term Care and Terminal Illness Benefits  Summary Chapter 3 – Annuity Income Tax Benefits and Negatives  Congress and the Law  Taxation Basics for Annuity Products  Summary Chapter 4 – Annuity Product Types  The Six Major Product Types  Fixed Annuities  Variable Annuities  Buffered or Structured Annuities  Fixed Indexed Annuities  Immediate Income Annuities  Deferred Income Annuities and QLACs  Summary Chapter 5 – Why Buy An Annuity?  The Key Risks Annuities Protect Against  Why Buy An Annuity?  Why An Annuity Might Not Be Right for You  Summary Chapter 6 – The Major Positives and Negatives to Buying Annuities  The Positives and Negatives of Fixed Annuities  The Positives and Negatives of Variable Annuities  The Positives and Negatives of Buffered Annuities  The Positives and Negatives of Fixed Indexed Annuities  The Positives and Negatives of Immediate and Deferred Income Annuities  The Right Mix of Policies to Buy  Summary Chapter 7 – How Much Income Should I Plan For?  America's Income Challenge  The Three-Legged Stool of Fulfilling-Stage Savings  The Income Replacement Ratio  Summary Chapter 8 – Financial Strength Behind the Products  Life Insurer Financial Strength Ratings  Rating Agency Contact Information  State Government Guaranty Funds  Summary Chapter 9 - Where to Buy and the Buying Process  The Cash Savings Needs Hierarchy  Paying for Your Annuity  The Places You'll Look – The Purchase Channels  Questions to Ask Before You Buy  The Five Steps to Purchasing An Annuity  How Much Do Annuity Salespeople Earn on My Purchase?  Summary Chapter 10 – Your Next Steps  Performing an Income Check-Up  Making the Purchase  Keeping the Policy In-Force  Filing A Claim for Benefits  Summary Chapter 11 – Final Thoughts / Should You Buy An Annuity? The book also contains resource checklists that prepare the reader to perform a financial check-up in preparation for determining their annuity product needs and a list of the key annuity organizations they can turn to for information about the products. Today's Annuity Products takes the over 20 years of the author's experience with these products and condenses into an understandable and useful resource for the potential annuity buyer.


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