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This divergent edition is a second edition of The Dandy Poems and his Little Theatres and is meant for an older audience. As the work progressed with the epilogue stretching into the contents of the initial book, the ultimate vision for the work is completed here with later poems, a reworking of structure, and especially, character. Even the new title fit, A Handful of Roses where each rose is individual like a sonnet. All along, this work intended to speak to universal love regardless of gender, scripts from history as one poem addresses. It was only after the first printing that these concepts were able to be finally be satisfied, as the author heard, read, and met people of all nationalities and distinctions that finally put the heart of this book in its rightful place from its initial intention. Starting with a main character or speaker, like Dandy, provided a main voice, even a roguish, playful guide to set the story rolling onwards, like Puck from A Midsummer Night's Dream. This vantage point had its benefits: one voice, male, one vantage point, as readers read a boy's passage through love from the age of 9 to 89. The character if in a play, could be separate from the entire narrative or as some have imagined could also be in fact the main character throughout, taking on later scripts in his own voice. The male vantage point also had its advantages to readers by giving them a more solid footing to a story, following the heartache, musings, usurpations, downfalls, desires, and ultimately the bond of a true connection to another's unique spirit. Now, in this divergent edition, readers can read as they may selecting what they choose from various vantage points, genders, ages, and their own spiritual dynamics. Alter the pronouns and say what you will.


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