The Case of the Missing Cubby - (The Baby Detectives) by Jacqueline Johnson Goon & Karen Goon Thomas (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis In book 1 of the Baby Detectives series, Mr. Cubby is missing and presumed kidnapped by an old enemy who swore revenge years before. Fearing Cubby is in grave danger, Kalena and the other detectives search tirelessly for any clues that would lead them to their missing friend. It is a story of friendship and courage and the challenges we willingly face for those we love. Welcome to the mysterious, wondrous, and magical adventures of the Baby Detectives! The Baby Detectives series is a fictional collection of case stories describing the many life-learning experiences of Kalena Beenah, a precocious toddler, and her trusted toys and friends-Cubby, Bunny, Kitty, and Quackers-a.k.a. The Baby Detectives. Together, they successfully overcome challenges in a world filled with mystery and intrigue, exploration and discovery, imagination and knowledge. The case stories are written primarily from a child's perspective and understanding. Things that may seem confusing at first are easily explainable in a world where there are no language barriers. Within a world of imaginations and dreams, we rediscover our own youthful innocence and days full of amazing adventures and beautiful discoveries. The Baby Detectives case stories are written with love and humor in a way the author hopes will reawaken the inner child in everyone.



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