Footprints Of Grace: An Intimate Portrayal Of the Footsteps of Jesus Author Oliver Wright Author
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Footprints of Grace: An Intimate Portrayal of the Footsteps of Jesus is a uniquely rich, suspenseful, tender, and compelling idyllic narrative portraying the gracious footsteps of Israel's long-awaited Messiah, the man called Jesus Christ of Nazareth. In fact, this narrative captured, in graphic scenery, the magnificent signs and miracles that Israel's Messiah demonstrated on the poor, oppressed, and downtrodden in bringing release to the sick and disease. Indeed, Dr. Wright's chronicle of Jesus's teaching and healing and His complete devotion to God, is an intimate, spirit-filled narrative with a host of refreshing dramatic expressions not duplicated in any other previous writings. His narrative not only captures the hearts of the people of Israel, but the heart of the reader as well. Therefore, through God's providential design, it is hoped that in every city, town, and village that Jesus, Israel's long-awaited Messiah, traveled, His glorious footprints of grace were forever engraved into the heart and lives of those whom He touched in seeking to save the lost in carrying out His Judean and Galilean ministries.


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