Streets Out, GOD and Education In: That's How We Do It, That's How We Win! Asondra StarN'air Author
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Listen up, everybody out there, especially if you are a parent. Our youth is in real big trouble! All across America, we are losing young black men due to drug trafficking and street violence. Many of them are lucky to see their eighteenth birthday. And today more and more African-American males are being gunned down in the streets while their schools and mothers weep! Souls crying out RIP! Along with that, and very sad too, prisons nationwide are full of young black men who decided to take the streets to sell drugs, become thugs, carry guns, and commit crimes. God's watching. He's not blind. Stop the madness! Your lives matter! We also have rappers and rapists too, exploiting our black female queens with their lewd jokes and violent rhymes. Stop the music! God's watching! Some too are behind bars doing time. Last but not least, now we have young women and girls caught up in the criminal system. That's right, for the first time in history, females are entering the prison system in record numbers doing all kinds of things, following the wrong crowd. For crying out loud, there is a much better way to live your life today. Young America, no matter creed or color, your life matters! Listen, there is another way! Streets Out, God and Education In: That's How We Do It, That's How We Win will help set you on a righteous path. All you have to do is make that change and welcome God in! This book is for all those young folks out there, the millennials who need guidance, and to all those who want a second chance at success! I am here to tell you, Your life matters!


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