Mike Pence: Equally Yoked by Grace Alfred Stephen Kanu Author
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The title of this book Mike Pence: Equally Yoked by Grace will give readers a brief background autobiography of the current vice president of the United States of America, Mike Pence. It will show his tenure as a governor of the State of Indiana, including his policies, his failures, and his success as a governor. This also includes the challenges he faces while he tries to get his conservative agenda through a difficult political system. Mike Pence: Equally Yoked by Grace shed a light as to why a conservative politician and a man with strong Christian faith would join in alliance with then candidate Trump whom many see as lacking the political background and experience to become President of the United States. Many people also questioned the moral integrity of the then candidate Trump now President of United States just as many people questioned the reason behind why evangelicals support the president. I highlighted the risk that Mr. Pence took by answering the call to be a running mate for their journey to the White House which also included their policy success and pitfalls in their administration. In this book, you will also read about how the faith of the vice president has been challenged several times as a political figure and, at the same time, trying to hold on to his values as a Christian. I see Mr. Pence as an inspiration of how to be a dedicated public servant with perseverance and discipline without letting negativity and unnecessary things hold you back. I hope readers, especially the young and upcoming political leaders, will find this encouraging and inspirational.


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