HOW TO TALK TO YOURSELF AND YOUR PARTNER (2 in 1) - Audiobook, by Julia Arias
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Learn how to communicate is a matter of urgency.If you want to improve and take care of your most intimate sphere, please read on.Dissatisfaction, disillusionment, anger, frustration are very common emotions in relationships without a communicative education. We should know that others are amirrorof ourselves and sometimes people just react reflexively to our behaviors - wich it bring us to the real question: what do I talk to myself and how do I do it?How to be a woman with a healthy self-esteemandhow to create a wonderful relationship through excellent communication skills. If you learn to speak with yourself with love and at the same time with frankness, this will also be reflected externally. This Bundle contains my two publications:BE A STRONG WOMAN: Stop Self-SabotageWhat thepower of the selfreally is;The issues ofcontroland how to let go of it to make room for bigger and better possibilities;Artful destruction of the selfthrough envy and jealousy and how to changethose patterns;How to win your own heart andfall in lovewith the life that you lead;And more!EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION IN RELATIONSHIPS - Build TrustDescriptions of both healthy and unhealthy relationships, andRed Flags;Develop a capacity forempatheticbehaviors;How to listen effectively and how tospeak effectivelyto make your partner listen to you;How tokeep conflicts fairand solve them quickly without things escalating;And more!Take immediately action, start this journey with me and learn what being a strong and romantic woman is all about!



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