A Fairies' Tale: Awakened Fire: Is it ever too late to forgive? Rebecca Torrellas Author
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An imminent battle.A devastating discovery.A heartbreaking decision.This addicting story of a romance between a human and a fairy hits a boiling point when trust is broken in the middle of a magical war (Series Book 4). While the fairies prepare for the ultimate battle against the Deceivers, rose fairy Roselyn and her boyfriend James must make sense of what is left of their broken relationship. But when the attacks escalate, they target James, putting him in danger. Faced with the possibility of losing him again, Roselyn must risk her life to save him. Fed up with the endless threats of their enemy, Roselyn prepares with the rest of the fairies to fight like never before. But when she comes face-to-face with Mona, will Roselyn's hunger for revenge win over her love for her former best friend? Continue the saga that explores whether forgiveness should be given and second chances granted.


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