The Jewish FBI agent Martin A Ettlinger Author
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The Jewish FBI Agent is a story about finding a source of precious opal, and tracing it's trip to Harry Winston, where a very expensive piece of jewelry was created. The necklace eventually ends up the property of a digital wunderkind. The necklace, along with a painting by Sisely, that turns out to be Nazi stolen art disappears from the Plaza Hotel safe.  Two New York detectives, aided by agents from the Israeli secret security force, try to ascertain the location of the owner of this painting. He shows up dead in a South American country, but is not able to give any information in his current state. Eventually, the investigators, through enormous patience and a little bit of luck, seize a cache of Nazi stolen art along with a Nazi fugitive.  But, the Sisely painting is still missing. The trail leads to China, where an ingenious and risky plan, leads to it's recovery. The book ends with a Seder and an unusual Jewish-Buddhist wedding. With snippets of Gilbert and Sullivan patter songs, adding some comedy to this serious, but joyful book.


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