The Story of Water - by Caroline Saunders (Hardcover)
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About the Book This whimsical picture book reveals God's big story about Jesus through smaller stories about water in the Old and New Testaments. Book Synopsis The mighty flood, the woman at the well, the watery walls outside Egypt--these key stories about water fill the Bible and reveal God's big story about Jesus. In The Story of Water, Caroline Saunders takes the reader on a journey through the Old and New Testaments, highlighting several of water's biggest moments. From the Creation to the Flood, from Jesus's baptism to the calming of the stormy sea, the reader traces the theme of water to learn the bigger theme of Scripture: Our only rescue is found in Jesus Christ. He gives us Living Water that never runs out. With whimsical illustrations and lyrical prose, The Story of Water is sure to captivate young readers with its powerful visuals and a compelling, biblical storyline. About the Author Caroline Saunders is a writer, teacher, and writing teacher who believes in taking Jesus seriously and being un-serious about nearly everything else. (She usually laughs when she burns dinner.) Caroline lives with her husband Luke and their three funny kids in north Mississippi, where Luke pastors a church and the kids run wild in the lobby. Caroline loves to help others know and enjoy God and His Word, and she hopes this book shows you that Jesus is more refreshing than a tall glass of water and more delightful than cannonballing into a pool! Find her writing, resources, and ridiculousness at and on Instagram @writercaroline.



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