A New Friend: Emmy's Story, Part 3 Kenneth Lee McGee Author
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I don't know how to explain this to you, Lynette, but I'll try. A few days ago my boyfriend Tony broke up with me, I think... Emmy explained everything that had happened up until last night. So last night after I said a prayer for Tony, I got my old Bible out of my dresser. I haven't read it in years, but I opened it and read a couple passages. Anyway, I knew that I needed to talk to Jesus and ask for forgiveness for being such a lousy person. So I fell to my knees and just started talking to Him. I've said prayers for different things or for people before, but this was different. When I was finished, I felt so... so... calm. I don't know how to explain it, but I felt like all the cares that had been just tearing me apart were gone. I felt a peace in my heart and... I don't understand. Emmy makes the biggest decision of her life and it has nothing to do with boyfriends. Her life takes on a new direction.He is, Sean. He's a good friend. Are you saying he's just a friend now?Yeah, I don't think I have a boyfriend at the moment.Sean knew there had to more to the story, but he didn't pry.The Emmy's Story series begins when Emmy is four years old and then quickly progresses to focus on her teen years and beyond. In this third book, A New Friend: Emmy's Story Part 3, Emmy finds a new job, shares a house with her sister, still struggles with romance and begins a new journey in her faith in God.


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