Sharon Tate Campaign Plan MMXX: The Result of a Deliberative Process that Contemplates a New Dawn in Hollywood Michael A. Walker Author
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In 1969 the nearly nine months pregnant celebrity Sharon Tate loses her life and the life of her unborn child horrifying hundreds of millions of Americans. Only 26 years old when she died, the story of Sharon’s life becomes of less public interest than learning about the hippie lives of her murderers. Despite this, Sharon possesses a formidable arsenal of relatively unseen visual media for planners to work with. In the ensuing decades the justice system suspends the death penalty for premeditated murder, the country embraces a culture of death, people idolize the murderers and their crimes, and cinema as well as major media caters to growing demand for the depraved because an unchecked system allows it. The development of an ambitious campaign plan whose end state reintroduces active measures into the cinematic enterprise ignores and displaces Manson Family murderers in the American psyche with the life story of Sharon by exposing the culture of death’s absurdity. The book details flexible options that reverse the present situation by reintroducing Sharon Tate to the American public. The plan envisions a new dawn in Hollywood and promotion of the greater good.


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