Sword and Scion 03: The Reign of Delusion Jackson E. Graham Author
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WHERE FEAR WALKS, WAR FOLLOWS IN ITS SHADOW.“Change is difficult for one to attain when the mind is addled with the despairing words of liars.”                                                                  All people are free to choose their master—whether it be the truth or a ruse.”             Castle Asdale has risen to glory from its former ashes. Under the leadership of Eyoés Kingson, Taekohar enjoys a stable peace and prosperity. With the threat of illness spreading across Alithell, Eyoés and Gwyndel travel to secure relief for Taekohar’s people. Instead, they are trapped in a land where the hearts of men are frozen. Violence rules the snowy wastelands of Norgalok with an iron fist, and fear sows turmoil and mistrust. With the aid of a noble few, Eyoés and Gwyndel fight back a sinister evil that threatens to exploit the people’s terror.       War lies on the horizon—and in Norgalok, fear is no discerner of persons.


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