Halloween's Black Magic: The Authentic Grimoire of the Witch of Endor Victor Barlow Author
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MASTER THE TRUE ART OF BLACK MAGICKHalloween’s Black Magick: The Authentic Grimoire of the Witch of Endor is the true story of occult scholar Victor Barlow’s terrifying encounter with the Witch of Endor and the grimoire he regrettably took from her in 1987.THE MOST ANCIENT BOOK OF SHADOWS - FIRST TIME IN PRINTThe Witch of Endor’s Grimoire is the most infamous and ancient of all magick books; its existence has eluded historians and researchers for centuries. Mr. Barlow has now broken his silence and finally made this magnificent spell book available to the public.A TREASURE TROVE OF REAL BLACK MAGICKThe Witch of Endor's Grimoire is a mysterious spell book that was originally written in a cryptic and bastardized mix of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic. To produce the most authentic interpretation of the text, we've managed to secure the help of several well-respected linguists. This incredible dark magick book also includes detailed reproductions of the witch's original artwork and mystical drawings.Used with careful discretion, Endor’s Grimoire is a treasure trove of real magickal information, containing artwork, sigils, incantations, magical formulas, spells (both theurgic and magical), and rituals that will allow you to:Summon demonsControl spiritsSpeak with the deadImpose nightmares on othersCast no shadowLevitate from the groundSummon snakes and scorpionsTeleportMake other obey commandsAcquire wealth and richesCreate a Protection PouchRemove a curseInitiate a curseDybbuk InvocationCharge a Magick BowlSummon the Demon QueenCountermand Holy WaterWard off enemiesCommunicate with animalsControl a FamiliarJumping the PathMake enemies sufferChange wind directionAnd much, much moreA REAL BOOK OF WITCHCRAFT AND BLACK MAGICK FOR EVERYONEHalloween’s Black Magick is an essential reference and permanent resource for anyone interested in the dark secrets of the Witch of Endor and the black magick she practices. 228 pages, fully illustrated, glossary.


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