Hospitality and the Holy Spirit: A hotelier's stories and perspective on what the Bible tells us about taking care of people Denise Maiatico Author
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Hospitality and the Holy Spirit shares stories and perspectives by hotelier Denise Maiatico about what the Bible tells us about taking good care of people. The book draws from Denise's 20-plus-year-career in the hospitality industry, offering anecdotes that are sometimes funny, other times sad, but always fascinating. During her career, Denise has seen some crazy, wonderful, disturbing, and inspirational things. As a Christian, Denise wanted to explore the Bible on a deeper level and through the lens of her experience. Stories and advice about being a good host abound in the Bible. To create this book, Denise researched these Bible stories and married them to her own experiences. During this process, the lessons of the Gospel became both relevant and obvious to her. This book will support your own journey and desire to live a life that reflects hospitality--and the Holy Spirit. 


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