The Disruptive Physician: How To Manage the Consequences of Being You Jacob DeLaRosa Author
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This book is to inform doctors and healthcare providers of what behavior can be classified as disruptive, and how easily a physician can be “labeled” and go down a path of doom! The problem is that many doctors don't even realize that by simply being themselves, with no intent to cause harm, they stumble into an accusation of being termed “Disruptive”.An accusation can cause severe anguish. Many have gone down the road of being labeled a disruptive physician and have never even heard the term. Many have been afraid, angry, sad, incredulous and asked, “How could this happen?”As a physician, I began doing extensive research to educate myself and, after much work, was able to identify the causes and how to correct a situation.This book is designed to help you avoid exhibiting behavior that can be considered disruptive, and successfully navigate the process after an accusation has been made, or worse, if you have already been investigated and labeled disruptive.This book is for you, the healthcare provider, who is required to go through any type of licensing board for behavioral issues; a medical physician, an osteopathic physician, a nurse, a physician assistant, a pharmacist or veterinarian, and for all who want to learn more about what it means to be labeled a disruptive physician.This book is for the CEO, the medical staff office, and the Medical Executive Committee, to better understand physician behavior and how we are all affected. After you have read this book, you will have a thorough understanding of what it means to be a disruptive physician. In addition, if you find yourself or others going down this path, this will be a guidebook to traverse the journey. I provide all the tools, resources, and information you need to succeed.


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