Understanding Your Child's and Teen's Behavior: Simple Steps and Resources to Guide You Through the Journey Angie Rumaldo Author
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As a licensed clinical psychologist and psychiatric nurse practitioner, Dr. Angie Rumaldo has helped adolescents make huge advancements in their lives. Now, she's here to shed new light on your own child's challenges and how to overcome them.Worried about your child's behavior and future? Discover how to decode their conduct to build a brighter tomorrow.Is your child struggling with schoolwork, friendships, or home life? Are you concerned about their ability to succeed?Through a series of action plans, Understanding Your Child's and Teen's Behavior helps kids correct common behavioral problems before they inflict lasting damage. With insights into typical issues at each phase of an adolescent's growth and development, you'll learn red-flag behaviors early on and develop a plan to fix them.In Understanding Your Child's and Teen's Behavior, you'll discover:- How to identify your parenting style and find out why your child breaks your rules- When to consult teachers, physicians, and health providers- How different environments, financial concerns, and medical needs impact behavior- How to maximize the resources of your school district and your child's 504 plan and IEP- How the straightforward action plan can jumpstart your family's optimum wellness, and much, much more!This invaluable guidebook is a must-read for all parents. If you like frank advice from industry experts, comprehensive action plans, and easy-to-follow directions, then you'll love Dr. Angie Rumaldo's groundbreaking resource.Buy Understanding Your Child's and Teen's Behavior today for a fresh new start to your family's future! 


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