U.S. Money Matrix Exposed: A Patriot's Guide of Essential Knowledge for Restoring America to Honor-(Premiere Hardcover Edition) Ryan Hanson Author
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US Money Matrix Exposed is . . . Your unparalled compact resource for: • Understanding how the issue of US money evolved from gold and silver to mere un-backed paper. Why is this important to you? Our values are interconnected to our forms of money… It is critical we see the direct impact this has on our lives—to ensure a future with more freedom…not less.• Empowering you with revealing insights surrounding the true nature of the Federal Reserve System—to liberate yourself and those around you from its grasp.• Quick reference materials provided for accurate and effective presentations—as well as leading enlightening group discussions with those sincerely concerned with the current direction our society is headed.• An unmatched guide for the serious student of history, politics and/or economics with a passion for addressing the core issues of our day—to bring the lasting solutions we need… restoring honor to ourselves and our nation.Discover how we got here, what we can do about it and why YOU are an essential key to unravel a destructive system hidden in plain sight—now invading nearly every aspect of our lives… by design.


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