Unleashing the Shadows: A Paranormal Mystery Patti Frazee Author
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Matty Patterson's biggest secret isn't that she's gay. It's that ghosts follow her everywhere. At school. In her bedroom. In the family living room. Even at the dinner table with her parents sitting right there. She's coping with it all until one ghost seems to beckon her.She finally confides in her friend (and secret crush) Kat, who likes to keep to herself and listen to retro punk music on an old portable CD player. Kat can see spirits too, so she and Matty join forces with a local paranormal society. Now, instead of being hunted by ghosts, Matty hunts them. Or so she thinks.When Matty works with the paranormal team at an abandoned convent, she is taunted by a creepy spirit who may or may not be her spirit guide, and the ghost who first beckoned her makes another ominous appearance.Matty, Kat, and the ghosthunting team suddenly find themselves in the middle of a darkness that pulls them back again and again. Just when the team begins to wonder if the shadows are being unleashed because of their very presence, they realize they are deep in the magnetic field of a decades-long murder.


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