Life's Great Adventure: A guide to living an adventurous, purposeful life, whatever your passion Deri ap John Llewellyn-Davies Author
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This book is born from a passion and a crash course in life lessons whilst experiencing some of this earth's greatest challenges. It started out as a journal to capture the essence of what I have achieved and what I have experienced and learnt along the way. It then became a project born out of my wanting to share my key lessons in life and my great adventures with my children and grandchildren, to leave a legacy of the mind that will encourage, motivate and inspire them to their own unique greatness. To show them they can really do anything they set their minds to. I want them to dream big and aim for the stars. We are all so busy in our lives, so distracted by everything around us in the Western world. Information is coming to us at light speed as we find ourselves immersed in technology. Somewhere along the way we have lost connection with our souls, our spirit, and with our godlike connection to who we really are and why we are living.Extreme adventure can reveal who we truly are. (For most, thankfully, it is not the only way.) When you throw yourself amongst the elements, stripping yourself bare of all needless material wants, pitting yourself in a battle of survival where the next breath, the next step, is all that matters - breaking yourself physically, mentally and emotionally - the only thing that is left is you and your spirit. From this place, the soul can reveal itself. Your truth, your essence, is fully revealed in all its glory, provided you are ready and able to listen. Such was my experience on many an adventurous occasion.


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