Why in the World Would You Want to Start a Band? Dale Peterson Author
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Who is this book for? In my forty-plus years working in and around music, I’ve been fortunate to see the music industry from many different perspectives. With this experience, I have created a simple, easy to read book with some solid advice and tools that will help you reach your idea of success and give you the confidence needed to make well-informed decisions. This book is for budding musicians and songwriters who are considering a career in music and it covers some of the basic fundamentals needed in order to work in the music industry at any level. I have created a guide that is not intended to be a complete study of the music business, but rather a portal for the novice musician just starting their first group and the possibilities of where to start their journey. Even veteran musicians might find inspiration throughout this book that will help them on their own journey to jump-start a sluggish career. But you don’t have to be a musician to enjoy this book either This book is also for people who live with and love musicians too. If you have a musician in your life, you might find some of this information helpful in understanding your loved one’s passion and gain more insight on how the music business operates. Enclosed are some basic methods that have served the thousands of musicians before you. You will learn: • How to organize your practice and rehearsal sessions for optimum productivity • Ideas for booking gigs and creating a promotional package that will get attention • Things you should research and learn through experimentation in order to find what works for you. • Basic information needed in order to have a fun, creative and successful experience in music.


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