How Existentialism Almost Killed Me Michael Bernhart Author
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Fourteen years after their (mis)adventures in the US Max and Sally Brown are comfortably ensconced in Geneva, staring down an empty nest and middle-age. Wondering if their lives of comfort and privilege don't require they make a contribution - and seeking renewed 'purpose' - they accept token employment with the CIA. A trivial task converts to an assignment to uncover the source of counterfeit drugs in Southeast Asia that are killing thousands.Unprepared, and overly zealous, their every effort seems to result in the death of a friend or acquaintance. The trail leads to rem-nants of the Khmers Rouges - the quintessence of evil - in western Cambodia. The battle is waged in a Thai brothel, on elephant back, in Cambodian minefields, and in Khmers Rouges strong-holds. Sally is wounded and Max is forced to carry on alone.Obsessed with the existence of evil since childhood, Max discovers an unwelcome source of barbarity: within himself.


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