The Safeguard: A Novel of Georgia in 1864 Diana M Wilder Author
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Lavinia Wheeler’s world had been torn apart over the past three years When the Civil War comes to her doorstep, her generosity in opening her house as a hospital brings a change in her life far beyond any blessing she could have dreamed of or asked for.Between dealing with the Yankee-hating townsfolk, her former slaves, a passel of wounded Yankees, a government that takes a dim view of people who aid the enemy, and a group of raiders that is ravaging the countryside, Lavinia isn't sure that she has time to care for herself, much less anyone else.Cavalry Sergeant Asa Sheppard has been given the assignment to guard Miss Wheeler's treasures as a way to let him rest from the wound and exhaustion that had nearly sapped his will to live. One glance at the situation convinces him that performing his duties will either kill him or drive him mad..


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