Bridge to the Sacred: A Collection of Interfaith Prayers: 200 Prayers and Meditations Chosen from the World's Religions L.E. McCullough Author
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THE ENGLISH word prayer derives from much older words in Latin and Sanskrit meaning “request” and “ask”. Most of us, no matter what our denominational upbringing, first know prayer as a means of asking favor, a request for supernatural intervention in our lives and in the course of human history. Yet prayer is more than mere supplication, more than giving thanks, more than celebrating and expressing passion. It is the closest thing to attaining genuine face-time with an invisible divinity, the best way we know to foster a direct and intimate relationship with the Divine — a relationship we hope will lead to our transformation into a more perfect embodiment of that divinity during our time on this earth. BRIDGE TO THE SACRED presents a collection of prayers from many faiths and many centuries … prayers devised by many minds searching to enhance the divinity in our human world. The prayers are organized by everyday concerns and range from brief mantras to mini-homilies, from ancient chants to modern encomiums. Despite the diversity of origin and literary form, these prayers demonstrate one very important fact: prayer does more than allow God to hear us — it allows us to hear God in ourselves and our world. Let us pray …


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