Never Alone: Following God When You Can't Feel Him (Black Cover) Dugan Sherbondy Author
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Have you ever wondered: Why can't I feel God? Maybe you felt Him at one point and then suddenly weren't able to. Or maybe you've never felt Him in the first place. Either way, you're not the only one.So many people can't feel God and the only logical conclusion they're left with is that He isn't there. At least, that's what I thought.So we ask God where He is...but hear nothing. And because of this, so many people around the country are walking away from God every year. Maybe you're one of them.What does it mean when we can't feel God?How do we follow Him when it doesn't seem like He's there? This is what I explore in my book Never Alone. Through my own journey, my hope is that you to discover truth and that truth brings you redemption.


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