Journey With Jesus: The Gospel as seen through the eyes of a child. Patti Dansereau Author
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Almost everyone who reads or hears the Gospel stories of Jesus wish they could actually be there to witness His miracles, hear His teachings and parables, meet Mary, His mother, maybe the shepherds who rushed to see Him after the angels announce His arrival or be there at His ascension, talk with Peter and John. The Gospels themselves are a tad bit sketchy and leave out many important details, leaving a whole lot to the imagination. Well, how about a front row seat with two children who did get to be there? Nine-year-old Sarah and her eleven-year-old brother Joshua were blessed to be where we all wish we were - with Jesus - and they share their adventures with us in this captivating story of their discipleship. After Jesus heals Joshua of leprosy and they discover they have no home to return to, they seek out Jesus and travel with Him all the way to Jerusalem in search of an aunt they've never met. It is a wonderful tale of adventure as Jesus takes them to meet His mother and Mary tells them the story of His birth. They meet the shepherds who received the angels Gloria and rush to do Him homage. Along the way they build relationships with the Apostles, witness many miracles, learn how to evangelize hungry souls like Mary of Magdala and Zacchaeus just by telling them the truth, and best of all, discover Jesus' deep and everlasting love for them - and everyone else too! This paperback chapter book for children, though specifically for kids 8-12 years old, is enjoyed by families and all ages. Small children listen breathlessly as their parents read the stories to them while young readers can discover Jesus for themselves as they read and enjoy being able to color the pictures thus making the book their very own. It's a great gift for Christmas, Easter, even First Communion and Confirmation (in Canada) as it includes many of the best-known bible stories of Jesus' life from His Nativity through to Good Friday, His Resurrection and Ascension into heaven, all experienced through the eyes of two children thirsting to share Jesus with anyone who will listen. It is also great for teachers, catechists and catechism classes as accompanying coloring book pages will soon be available on the Journey with Jesus webpage that is under construction.


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