Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog: How to Tell if Your Dog Is Sick and What to Do Next Jana Rade Author
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Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog is an award-winning guide to help you better understand what your dog is telling you about their health and how to best advocate for them. Learn how to see and how to think about changes in your dog's appearance, habits, and behavior. Some signs that might not trigger your concern can be important indicators that your dog needs to see a veterinarian right away. Other symptoms, while hard to miss, such as diarrhea, vomiting, or limping, are easy to spot but can have a laundry list of potential causes, some of them serious or even life-threatening. Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog is a dog health advocacy guide 101. It covers a variety of common symptoms, including when each of them might be an emergency. Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog has won the following awards: 2017 Maxwell Award from the Dog Writers Association of America for a book on health, behavior, or general care. 2017 Morris Animal Foundation Canine Health Award for the best science-based book about canine health issues.


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