Rosita's Way John H Gray Author
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Born into the poverty of a rural barrio in South America, Rosita yearns to leave for a life in the city. The happy life of the villagers is disrupted with the arrival of a secretive mining operation. The villagers do not welcome the presence of these strangers. Shortly after their arrival, ordinary life in the barrio is impacted by illnesses and death.The country is under brutal and corrupt military rule. The military sends a young officer to investigate the situation at the barrio. Rosita becomes infatuated with the officer and he is her escape to the city.Unknown to Rosita are the circumstances of his family and also his aspirations to fight the corruption of the ruling party. He embarks upon a mission to overthrow the corrupt leaders. During political rallies, Rosita wins the hearts of the masses, as her background from the barrio resonates with the people. The ruling Generals plan an assassination. Rosita is injured and receives treatment in New York. All does not go well.She returns to her country a different woman and requires further treatment to quell an evil that has been triggered within her.A fascinating read with many twists and colorful characters.


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