That's Not Happening: How To Find Humour and Strength in a Misdiagnosis Karen Davidson Zachary Author
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Karen Davidson Zachary was diagnosed with cancer and told that she had a year, maybe a year and a half to live. As a child she never liked to be told she couldn't do things and this wasn't any different. Only this time the fight was on to stay alive. After the medical professionals could not account for her most significant symptom-increasing numbness-she felt a determination to get to the truth. That's Not Happening tells the story of Zachary's diagnosis of cancer, her unwillingness to accept the doctors' words as the ultimate truth when it didn't make sense, and the vast well of strength and humour from which she drew to get through the nightmare of a misdiagnosis. This is also a cautionary tale in many ways encompassing why neither the medical professionals nor ourselves seem to question the benefits and dangers of nutritional supplements. Patients need to know how to ask the right questions and know how to listen to their own body-and doctors need to be more willing to listen and humbly consider other perspectives-That's Not Happening will resonate deeply with healthcare professionals but also for anyone who thought this could never happen to them.


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