Arthur Butterworth Presents Gertrude Hieffler in The Ogre's Demise Vanessa MacKinnon Author
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The notorious Eglacious Prince has gone missing.Eager to land her first big case, Fairy Tale Investigator Gertrude Hieffler agrees to look into the disappearance. She’s hesitant however, fearing Prince’s questionable reputation could tarnish her fledgling career.When she uncovers information to prove Prince was kidnapped, her investigation becomes a race against time. With each passing day the hope of finding Eglacious Prince alive fades. Retracing his last days, Gertrude searches for clues. But is she prepared for what she finds? An avid reader and dreamer her whole life, author Vanessa MacKinnon finally made a serious commitment to writing in 2012 after many false starts.Since then she has merged her overactive imagination with her own real life experiences, from the momentous to the mundane. The result is Gertrude Hieffler, a character who fills her with immense pride.Along the way, Vanessa has collected several other ideas and experiences and she looks forward to bringing these future projects to life.Born in Cape Breton, Vanessa MacKinnon currently lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


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